Little Buddy in loving memory

wow. we are going to miss catster A LOT - wish someone would take over and make the user interface easier to use

Asked by Little Buddy in loving memory on Jan 17th 2014 in The Catster Website
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Austin Valentino loving memory

We are in total agreement Little Buddy….this is just awful!
This site has been a blessing to me as well as I am certain everyone in this community. It isn't just about showing adorable photos, being friends, or writing in diaries. It is really about the wonderful support and caring of everyone.
Not sure how I would have managed to get through 2 of the deaths of my fur kittens, or not freaked out when Austin got diabetes, or known where to go to answers to other questions I had like my latest of how to move your cat/cats to a new home 200 miles away. This has been the best community that I have been a part of and I am so upset about this new development. I too wish this could be passed along to someone else so that we don't have to shut down furever.

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