Will my cat stop being so weird?

Ok, so I'm not sure if it's because he's really young, but every time I go over to my dad's for the weekend, he does something that... is really special. We realized that the fist time was because he missed me, but now he's expanded to new things. For example, he nearly bashed his brains out on our window when he saw a tree frog hanging out there (The frog didn't really care), he tried to eat my brother's grilled cheese while my brother was eating it, and he regularly steals my mother's shoes. We have two pet snakes, and Corny (Original name for a corn snake, I know), sometimes leans up against the glass of his tank, and my cat leaps up there and tries to poke him with his paws. Snake and cat dance until snake owner throws my cat out of his room. He's 9 months old, but I'm just wondering... will he ever STOP?

Asked by Finnegan on Jul 31st 2013 Tagged weird, young, eating, snake, annoying, funny, pesty, help in Other Behavior & Training
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Bezalel Tiger

This is normal kitten behavior. Make sure he has ample toys, scratching posts and climbing spaces. Do not let your kitty get a taste for people food, or they can beg like dogs. Try to distract him with a cat treat like a catnip Greenie when he is engaging in a non-desired behavior. The best thing you can do is to get your kitten a younger, spayed friend to play with and be friends. ^_^

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