Will my cat forget who I am after a two and a half month trip?

My cat, Benmont, and I are very close. He "plays tag" with me, follows me, and rides around on my shoulder. He's one of the biggest joys in my life, and I'm going to be devastated if I go home and our relationship isn't the same. Will he remember who I am?

Asked by Member 992292 on Jun 13th 2010 Tagged absencememorytriplove in Travel & Recreation
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Izadore (Izzie)

Your relationship with your cat may be a bit touchy at first when you return. Take it slowly. Don't run to him, grab him up and hug and kiss him. When you return, try to follow the same routine you did before you left. I would say that after a few weeks, things should be back to normal. And, how your cat reacts to your absence will depend on how well he is taken care of while you are away. Make sure you are leaving him with someone you trust and whom he knows and knows him and his schedule and routines. This person should not try to 'train' or change him and his behaviors in any way.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 6/13/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Two answers from my own experience.

I am an American living in Japan. When my parents were still alive, I went home one or two times a year. I left my (at that time, two) cats alone with massive quantities of water and dry food, along with extra toilets. Food and toilets presented no problems. But when I returned (and I was never away for more than a week), they would hide and be hostile for a few hours, and then suddenly attach themselves to me like leeches. They had to express their anger, but in fact, they were really trying to tell me that they had been lonely.

Another story. I used to live with someone. We broke up, but remained friends, and met frequently. When I came home from meeting him (and this is important: we never ever touched each other after ending our "romantic" relationship), the cats who remembered his scent would stand by the doorway, waiting for him to appear. This was like two years after having last met him.

Your cat will remember you.

Harvey answered on 6/14/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Angel Pee Girl

Good answers already. Cats do get a bit upset if someone they are bonded to leaves for an extended time. I have left different kitties with surrogate care givers over the years. On return they were very happy to see me and would return to our routines in the first day. I once gave a kitty to a fiancée who insisted on taking her when we broke up. She called about 10 days later as Pee (short for Peep like her little cry) would not eat. When I went to the apt she was hiding under the couch. She heard my name and ran out. She purred all the way home despite not liking car rides. It was meow meow meow and pets all day for several days she was so happy to be with me again. If you are a pal to your pet they are pals back no questions asked. Purrs

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When I had to be away for a month, I left my cats some worn clothing of mine to sleep on and smell. When I saw them again, they took an hour or so to sniff me and I talked to them, hoping they would recall my voice. Our relationship is exactly the same as it always was. He will remember you just fine.

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