Will be kitty be okay?

I have a beautiful kitty named Luna. She is 8 months old, spayed and has been living with me since she was just 8 weeks.

Unfortunately, the last two days haven't been easy for her. Long story short, Luna became lethargic, wasn't eating or drinking and just slept for the whole day. I made an appointment to see the vets and had explained everything to them. Luna was given an antibiotics shot after my vet checked her temperature and found it was high. He suggested it could have been because Luna ate something bad or had been bitten by another cat. My vet said the shot will improve her system and she should start eating or drinking.

It has been 12 hours since her visit to the vet and I see improvement. She purrs, is eating and drinking on her own and has even done her business in the litter box. However, her energy levels still seem low e.g. sleeping all the time and cannot jump onto the sofa (she loves laying there).

Asked by Member 1249225 on Jan 9th 2016 Tagged catfever, fever, ill, disease, catbite, lethargic, sleepy, sleepy, sleepingalot, catfight, vets, operation, antibiotics, fluids in Health & Wellness
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