Will 2 cats share a litter box or do they want their own? It's a 2 yr old neutered male & a 9 mo. old spayed female.

I have a 2 yr old neutered male & am adopting a 9 mo. old spayed female. Will they share a litter box or should they have their own?

Asked by Member 1168178 on May 1st 2013 in Feline Friends
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You should most definitely have two boxes. Not only that, but if you are adopting a new kitten, that kitten should be in a separate room by herself while she is getting used to being inside your home, before even seeing the other cat. Bringing home a new kitten and just assuming they are all going to get along fine and live together from the get go is usually not a good idea, and it usually does not happen that way. The new kitten, or the older cat, for that matter, could be too scared of the other cat and afraid to use the litter box near the other cat, so by all means, you should have two boxes, and when they do finally meet, make sure one isn't bullying the other in the litter box, which can lead to peeing issues. Please consider putting the new kitty in a separate room for at least a week before introducing her to your other cat. It can all work out great, if you do introductions right :) Good luck! I think having 2 kitties is the best!

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