why would our cat all of a sudden start going to the bathroom in the house. We have taken him to the vet and nothing the

This cat is a male cat and is about 5 years old. He is a house cat but always went outside until now.

Asked by Member 1072410 on Nov 22nd 2011 Tagged training, behavior in Behavior & Training
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If your vet has ruled out any possible medical problems (urinary tract infection, etc.), then it could be a behavioral issue. Is there anything different going on in your household? A new addition (pet, baby)? Another possibility is that he is marking his territory if another animal has been in (or around) your home. The final possibility is that the litterbox is not being cleaned to his liking, or he needs a second litterbox to do his business in. Some cats prefer two separate litterboxes to do #1 and #2. I hope this helps. Best of luck.

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