why is one of my female cats whos 2 yrs old suddenly attacking one of my other female cats whos 5 yrs old. its been happ

Asked by Member 1154726 on Feb 11th 2013 in Aggression
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This is happening between my boy cats right now. My vet's behaviorist says it sometimes happens as redirected aggression - say your cats are inside, and there's a big ol' strange cat outside, and your cats want to fight it but can' sometimes they accidentally redirect that aggression at each other. Once it starts, it can turn into a vicious circle. The advice I got was to separate them (to break that cycle) and reintroduce them as you would new cats. That tends to work for most of these situations.

Unfortunately that hasn't worked for mine, so if anyone has more advice, I'd love to hear it too.

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