Why is one cat attacking the other?

I have 2 kitties that are both right at a year old. Miss Priss got sick last weekend with what we believe is vestibular disease. She is still a bit off balance but recovering nicely. My other cat, Gabby, out of nowhere has started to hiss at Miss Priss and try to attack her any time she see's her. I don't know what to do. They are both fixed, have been together for over a year since I rescued them from the humane society, and have always gotten along before the one got sick. I am currently keeping Miss Priss in our guest room alone so she can finish her recovery and keep Gabby from attacking her. Any suggestions would be greatly apperciated!

Asked by Member 812015 on Mar 6th 2009 Tagged fightingafterillness in Aggression
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Did she spend time at the vet overnight? They come home smelling different and it agitates the other kitties in the family. Gabby can also sense that Miss Priss is different if she is ill and not acting like herself. I would continue to keep her secluded while she recovers and then reintroduce them gradually with supervision once she is back to being able to defend herself. It's hard to understand why they do it. My normally sweet girl Bailey who never bothers anybody has been attacking Kira for no reason too. Kira had serious surgery in January and then a minor procedure last month and is on medication. She is just tired and a bit lazier as she recovers and Bailey will just walk over and pound her, completely unprovoked. It's very frustrating because both are my good girls and I hate to see it. But I just grab Bailey and tell her NO. I think part of it is because I have been babying Kira and Bailey is normally the favorite kitty who is spoiled. A little bit of jealousy.

Bailey answered on Mar 6th.

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Cats are afraid of sick cats. Heck, people are afraid of sick people. When my beloved Boku's sister Kitty was dying, he wanted nothing to do with her (these were cats who were, for fifteen years, literally never more than a meter apart from each other). Once Miss Priss is her old self, Gabby will most likely take up her previous relationship. Keeping them apart for now is a good idea. Keep us posted on how things turn out.

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