Why is my neutered indoor male cat acting like he's not neutered?

I had my cat neutered when he was 7 months old and until now he has been fine. There is a female cat running around our neighborhood that is in heat and now my cat is crying and pacing and just miserable, he acts like he really wants out there. (He is never allowed to go outside). When he was neutered the vet didn't remove his testicles. Is it possible for it to come undone? I have 4 other cats, all females and spayed but he never bothers them. When he cries it's a loud, screachy sound and he does it over and over again. It's strange and nerve wracking. What do you think? Since he still has his testies is it possible for his neutering to come undone? My cat ( his name is GG) is 2 years old.
Thanks for any info.

Asked by Member 629849 on May 5th 2008 in Other Behavior & Training
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I think you may have some misconceptions of what neutering consists of. I've had three neutered males, and they all had identical operations (by three different vets): the doctor makes an incision in each scrotum and removes the testicle inside. Within a short period of time, the ball-shaped testicles become flattened bags. Are these bags what you are referring to when you say the vet didn't remove his testicles? Unless your vet was a quack, there's no way for "neutering to come undone."

I'm on my third neutered male, and two of the three demonstrated a kind of instinctual interest in the opposite sex long after being operated on. One used to mount his spayed sister and go through the motions of mating around once a month until she died at 15. Another did the same thing when a female kitten went into heat unexpectedly early (don't worry, she was spayed two days later). One of my current cats seems to get a kick out of sniffing under the tails of my female cats.

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I was taught that if they have there first heat, or whatever it is called for boys, before they are fixed then they may never be fully "fixed" since they had those impulses. My cat is fixed and wants to go out to just... go out, he lays in the grass.

Rubie answered on 5/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

Izzie acts like that too, especially when he sees another cat outside or when his brother Ernie goes for his daily mole/mouse hunt in the field behind our house. It's not that he wants to go out and "partay" with the girls, he just wants to go out and join the fun that his brother and the other cat are having. I've noticed that since Izzie has gotten older (he is now a year old) that he has become a little more aggressive. It is impossible for anything the doctor removed to grow back. It might look like GG still has his testicles, but like Chibi said, they don't remove the sack. I actually took cat back to the vet's to make sure he'd been neutered because his male genitalia looked like it was still intact. (Was I embarrassed! Boots is just made that way) I think that GG, like Izzie, just wants to go OUT! Especially now when the birds are in full voice, the chipmunks, rabbits and other little tasty creatures are doing laps around the yard!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 5/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Oscar J. Cat

Agreeing with everyone. Sounds like he's got a primo case of Spring Fever.

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Sweet Mary

Just as men who are fixed - never learn not to lust for the opposite sex, so it is with the male variety of animal and most especially the cat.

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