Why is my cat pooping outside the box?

My fiance and I have two cats, both adopted in the past 5 months. I took one cat home with me over summer break and the other is with my fiance. Primrose, a Colorpoint Shorthair is 4 years old. My fiance says he has seen her poop just outside the box several times. The last time he sprayed her with the spray bottle as soon as she was finished. Today when he came home, he found a BIG poop in the bathtub. He goes to school full time and works part time. I was wondering if it is a behavior problem because he isn't spending enough time with her? He said she didn't have much of a reaction in the days after I left with Tigress. Why is she avoiding pooping in the box?

Asked by Primrose on May 31st 2012 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Please tell your fiance not to spray the cat for this. If she gets squirted for pooping near the box, she'll start pooping away from the box - problem not solved! Never punish a cat for missing the litter box - it's not their fault; they are telling you that something is wrong.

The problem is either medical or emotional. She may be constipated or something and she thinks the box is causing the pain, so she avoids it. Trip to the vet is in order. If it's not medical, then she is stressed. You may think she has not been affected by the absence of her friend, but she may be stressed and confused by it and is expressing her anxiety. Or maybe your fiance is not cleaning the box enough? Try adding a second box somewhere. Good info on litter box issues at,, ASPCA behavior pages, and cat pages at

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