Why is my cat eating dirt?

We have a 7 year old neutered tom. Recently he has been licking dirt and eats sporadically. A few weeks ago we had a flea collar on him, but took it off after he started becoming unsteady on his feet. It solved that problem. However, shortly after that he started licking dirt and ate less. Does he still have flea meds in his system and it is causing that? Or, does he have a virus or unrelated condition? Also, he may be constipated. Would an eyedropper of stool softener work?

Asked by Member 971242 on Aug 10th 2014 Tagged fleacollar, possiblemedicalconditions, constipation in Other Health & Wellness
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Bezalel Tiger

Do NOT ever give a cat human meds unless you want to get it even sicker! Yes, cheaper pesticides have side effects which your cat still seems to be suffering from. If he is not drinking water you need to take him to the vet pronto. If you think that he is constipated, then you need to add some wet cat food to his kibble, such as MaxCat cans by Nutro. If he already eats wet and dry, you need to monitor his litter box activity. If you can't do that in a timely fashion, then it's vet time. ^_^

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