Why is my cat being so unhappy and mean lately??

I got my kitty a few days ago this week, when I found him among his brother and sister at a friends house. He liked me most out of all the kittens, so I picked him. He LOVED me, I know because I spent hours of my days with him, and he was constantly laying in my lap, and kneading his paws like ALL the time. He purred constantly, and we were best friends!
just recently, hes been acting strange.. He stayed in his bed for hours after scarfing down canned cat food, and he looked like he was feeling sick. Now hes not purring nor is he kneading his paws AT ALL. Everytime I start to pet him, he sinks under my touch. And now hes being really mean.. like at first I couldn't tell if he was playing rough or not, but hes attacking me constantly, he doesnt seem happy at all when doing it, like hes intentionally trying to hurt me!
Does he just not feel good? Does he miss his playmates? Am I feeding him too much? The only punishment Iv've given him was a spray bottle. What am I doing wrong?:(

Asked by Patch on Sep 7th 2013 Tagged mean, attacking, unhappy in Aggression
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Hiii.. Your cat is being unhappy and mean, probably the reason is:
1. She is Fear of other outside cats.
2. she is Anxiety about companion cats.
3. Cats are not as social as dogs or humans. Cats get very stressed if they are with too many other cats.
4. The departed cat may have been a mediator in the household, spreading the group scent between cats that would otherwise dislike each other. A departed dog may have been the protector chasing off neighboring cats. Without their intervention the cat is now under stress from outside cats.
5. New dog or some other new pet.
6. Building works or decorators indoors or outdoors.
7. Visitors or too many people.
8. Cat sitters and boarding catteries.
9. Boredom and frustration.
10. May be She is attention Seeking.
11. Electrical appliances and radiators may be cause for it.
12. May be she is Anxiety about the litter tray.
13. Mirrors, reflections, artificial scents, ultrasonic devices may cause for this.

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