Why is my cat being aggressive towards my other cat?

My husband and I have three cats. My husband recently moved in the house after being away for 3 years in the military.Ever since Riley(the queen cat of the group) has not been letting Lulu, the other female, in the house, and when she is caught by Riley in the house, she is promptly chased out the cat door. Baloo, the male, has also deicided that he doesn't like Lulu now, when before him and Lulu were best buds. Though he is not nearly as aggressive towards Lulu as Riley is, he does hiss at Lulu now. Is there anything I can do to stop this behavior? And why is Riley doing this? Is she jealous of my husband petting Lulu?

Asked by Member 1056111 on Sep 15th 2011 Tagged hissing, chasing in Aggression
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Joey (In Memory)

Please thank your husband for his service.

After three years away the kitties have become accustomed to a new hierarchy in the house - now that your husband has returned it has upset the balance. I would try to keep everything calm and quiet - give the kitties something of your husband’s to smell and sleep with - and if necessary separate them all for a while and let them all become reacquainted - slowly. Schedule playtime with all of them and your husband and engage each one – reward with cookies and lot’s of petting when they get along. I wish I had more advice - I defer to more experienced Catsters. Good luck.

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