Why does my kitty always close open doors?

My kitty Gir has this weird fixation, if our bedroom door is open he has to go on his back legs and slam the door closed. any door in our apartment that is open he has to close. last night my fiance was in the closet and the door was open and gir slammed it closed while he was inside. Gir has been neutered and is only 2 years old with one brother(Zim) (from the same litter) and another "brother" who we got a year ago(Nibs), but even before Nibs came into our home he has been slamming doors. why does he do that?

Asked by Member 820123 on Mar 26th 2009 Tagged slamming, doors, behavior, fixation in Other Behavior & Training
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That's pretty funny. Most cat's don't like closed doors and spend a great deal of time trying to figure out how to open them. Sounds like Gir is just the opposite. A lot of what cats do has no other explanation than that they do it because they can. I don't think he means anything personal by shutting your fiance in the closet. It is probably just a game to him. I used to come home from work and find that my cats had shut the dog in the bedroom. Usually somebody was locked in with him because they had to have pushed it closed. You could just get one of those little wedge shaped door stoppers for any doors that you don't want him to be able to close. That's what I did to keep my poor dog from getting imprisoned by the cats.

Allie answered on Mar 27th.

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