Why does my kitten get so scared when i walk near her?

I got a tuxedo kitten about 6 weeks ago. The first 4 weeks she was fine she was a joy to be around. But all of a sudden she has been acting really odd. every time i walk towards her she gives me this weird look and goes running away and hiding in her house...or when i try to touch her she flips on her back and claws and bites my hand. she even tries to bite my feet. every little thing scares her. and at times she just sit there and stare at me with this really scary look. and bite aggressively at any piece of clothing she sees. i don't know whats wrong with her...i'm concerned and i would really like to find out whats wrong with her. Thank You

Asked by Member 742574 on Sep 25th 2008 in Other Behavior & Training
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You should make a visit to your vet to see if your kitty is ill. Sudden aggressiveness could be a reaction to pain or not feeling well. Once any medical issues have been ruled out, take a look at what's been going on in your home lately. Do you have kids, a husband, a roommate, anyone living there that interacts with your kitten? Have you had any visitors or maintenance workers who may have scared your kitty? Are you or anyone else interacting with your kitten in anything but a gentle way?

Something is definitely wrong if this is an abrupt shift in her behavior. If she has been recently spayed she may be reacting to the surgery she had and the handling at the vet.

Behavior problems take patience and time. If your cat resists handling and bites you, let her go immediately. Don't encourage the biting or allow her to do it. Just withdraw your attention. Your kitty will eventually come around.

And if someone in your home has been mishandling her - stop them from doing it!!

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