Why does my cat stare at me ?

Whenever i am on my computer or even just sitting watching tv my cat will stare at me for hours why is she doing this

Asked by Kizzy on Jan 12th 2008 Tagged kizzy in Behavior & Training
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Mozza (forever loved)

I don't think we'll ever know what's going on in a cat's mind but sometimes, they give clues that help us understand a little more. I checked her profile to see if there was some info about Kizzy but you have little written so I'll just give some possible answers. You can see if you think any of them fit Kizzy.

She may want your company so spends a lot of time near you but if you're not playing or interacting with her, she may just 'watch', hoping you will.

She may be bored & so simply stares at you since you may be the only moving object around. Even if you don't move much, it's more than a chair.

She may also be content, just to be near you, feeling your presence. If Kizzy looks at you with half-closed eyes, sort of sleepy, it means she's happy. If she closes her eye slowly & then opens it (like a very slow wink), she's giving you the equivalent of kiss.

She may be thinking 'cat' thoughts & not specifically watching you - her mind far away. You happen to be in her line of sight.

Mozza (forever loved) answered on Jan 12th.

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Hullo Kizzy,

well, I do not know for you, but when I am doing this I am mesmerizing my human-slave, telling her to feed me, play with me or whatever I want at that moment. Of course human are thick so it takes ages for them to understand, but you can train your human and she will understand more and more often what you expect from her - it worked with mine -

Horus answered on 1/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


She's a cat, not a dog! Us kitties have the ability to sit and stare at one thing or person for a verrrry long time. It seems to have something to do with our clever ruling kitty minds (unlike the submissive look of a canine). We are the RULING CLASS and we know it. We use our eyes to intimidate and control.

NATASHA answered on 1/14/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer