Why does my cat only eat freshly scooped food?

I have a one and a half year old female domestic short hair. She has always been very particular about her eating habits, but until now I never thought to look in to if they are abnormal.
She free-eats, so I always keep food in her bowl. When she hears me scoop it she will come over and it some right away. However, she never finishes a bowl. After she eats some the first time, she will meow at me and lead me to her cat bowl the next time she is hungry, where she sits and waits for me to put new food in, even if it is basically full. Lately, I have just been moving the food around with my fingers or shaking up the bowl and then setting her in front of it, and then she will eat it. If I do pick up the bowl to refill it with new food, she will eat the pieces that are on her mat. She is the same way with water, she does not like to drink it unless it is freshly filled, but she likes to dip her paws in water glasses and lick it off or just drink straight from water glasses. Anyone know why?

Asked by Member 1196930 on Oct 30th 2013 Tagged eatinghabits, food, water, eating, picky in Other Food & Nutrition
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Orion Hemingway

She wants the attention leading to the food ritual... it sounds like she is an only cat? As far as the water goes, this is instinctual. Think of your cat as a little lion predator on the savannah. Cats do not like to face the wall when drinking water- move the bowl away from the wall so that she can maneuver around it. They also see how deep the water is and what the temperature is before putting their faces down, and this can be accomplished with a paw. Water is fun in different containers. If she spills because of this, get a bigger, heavier bowl and keep the toilet seats down so that she doesn't drink from there. ^_^

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