Why does my cat meow all morning and pester me to wake up when she seemingly doesn't want anything?

She doesn't need food or water, the litterbox is clean. She has plenty of toys and I've even tried playing with her for a while before bed to help her get through the night. I am just exhausted. The vet said she seemed fine physically. She eats and drinks normally and is a healthy weight. I've also tried the pheromone diffuser, calming collar, playing with her, I tried adding more wet food to her diet, ignoring her for over a week, locking her out of the bedroom for over a week but nothing has helped. The times I have gotten up, she just runs away and doesn't want to be pet or anything. I am willing to try anything. I need sleep so badly, I love my cat but she is killing me! Also, she is 3, I've had her for a year, she's fixed.

Asked by Member 1196570 on Oct 28th 2013 in Noisiness
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Panda Bear

Get her a little boy kitten (neutered) for a friend. In the beginning she will be resentful, but she'll then have companionship and someone to play with... besides you. She'll end up being his mom before long... ^_^ Happy Meow Year (try melatonin!)

Panda Bear answered on 1/5/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer