Why does my cat love to gnaw on nail files?

She loves to touch emery boards with her paws, but she becomes ecstatic when she can hold a file in her paws and gnaw on it.
Will the grit from the nail file hurt her teeth?
I swear, if I had a pot of catnip in one hand and a file in the other hand, she'd go nuts trying to figure out which one she wanted most!
Thank you for any and all responses!

Asked by Member 525608 on Nov 4th 2007 Tagged emeryboards, nailfiles, teething in Other Behavior & Training
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She probably just enjoys the texture of the nail file.
I doubt that a few of the grits would hurt her, but in large quanities it might.
Try to keep her away from your nail files, this could damage her gums and tongue. Instead, offer her some new, interesting toys with catnip!

Member 409208 answered on 11/4/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer