Why does he bite?!!?

We have owned Mojo for two years, got him when he was 8 weeks old. Our oldest cat Leia took care of him like he was her own. He is fixed, but viciously bites her daily! Our other cat Destiny does not get bit, she hisses at him and he backs away. He does this to us too, we pick him up and he will purr, but will then bite, viciously! He has tons of toys, he is never bored. He never bites the vets when he sees them. Why does he bite Leia and us, not Destiny?

Asked by Mojo on Dec 6th 2012 in Aggression
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It's about dominance. Mojo is reaching social maturity, a time when cats establish their place in the cat hierarchy. Mojo knows his place with Destiny - she gives him what for to tell him that she is top cat and won't put up with his nonsense. Since Mojo can't boss Destiny around, he turns it on Leia, who must be more submissive and doesn't stand up to Mojo. Make sure you have plenty of different levels (cat trees, book shelves, window perches, whatever) and safe places for Leia to go to stay out of Mojo's path. Mojo may grow out of this behavior, or it may continue, but he most likely won't hurt Leia. He may just be grabbing her by the neck, which may seem vicious. If he's drawing blood, that's another matter, and you'll have to intervene with a water pistol or throwing a pillow at him.

Monster answered on Dec 7th.

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Have a think aqbout when Mojo is biting you, sometimes, you can be clapping a kitty, hes purring all is well and then what seems like out of nowhere he launches into a biting frenzy, but usually, there are more than a few signs or warnings before he launches an attack, if he bites while you are holding or petting, look for a change in his body language....his tail will twitch a bit, ears may flatten or move backwards, he may be flinching away, turning his head sideways also watch his whiskers, a happy relaxed kitties whiskers are floppy forward facing an angry or fearful cats whiskers will fold back onto his face. So stop petting or holding him when you see one or more of these signs, as for him attacking your other kitty,cats playing, look alot like cats being aggressive, if there is no hissing, or aggressive body language its likely hes just trying to insight some play , or wrestling, my two boys seem to get into pretty viscous play fights but they are usually silent and break quick

Batfink answered on 12/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer