Why do cats avoid a kiss to the face? Occasionally my cat will come up to me and


Occasionally my cat will come up to me and press her head into my hands, leg, body, face, or whatever she can to get attention for affection. Other times, if she's just sitting somewhere like this and I try to do similar without holding her, she just moves her head away to avoid it altogether. Is this associated with the dominance behavior of trying to avoid eye contact?

Asked by Member 1143245 on Dec 1st 2012 Tagged behavior, avoid, kiss, face in Behavior & Training
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That's unfortunately something that is kind of ingrained in them. See when they are going for dominance, usually the cats will look each other square in the eyes. Some times fight, other times not.

Also their whiskers on their faces are very sensitive and easy to break, they are very protective over there. Would you if they are almost like radar and controls your senses?

So don't try to force it just realize that's its apart of them and accept it. It'll make them more comfortable knowing that you know their boundaries.

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