Why did my cat stop using his "cat tree" for sleeping and scratching?

I have an almost-six-year-old male cat who adopted me when he was about 12 weeks old. He's never shown much interest in beds or toys that I buy him, and getting him to use any kind of scratching post that isn't the couch has been a real battle. Several months ago, I sprung for a "cat castle" cat tree type thing after reading that some cats find standalone scratching posts too unstable and need something sturdy to enjoy scratching. It has several different textures for him to scratch at, and several different levels for him to lay on. Shockingly, he took to it immediately, and used both the scratching and sleeping/lounging surfaces. After a few months, though, he seems to have given up interest completely, and now just ignores it. Any ideas why this may have happened or suggestions on how to pique his interest again? He's not into catnip, so that's not really an option to draw him toward it. I haven't moved it or made any major changes to the room. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Asked by Sam on May 31st 2013 Tagged cattree, scratchingpost, preferences in Scratching
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Cats are funny creatures like that. My own maine coon likes one cat tree, but does not go near the other, but my kitten Stephano is on it every sleeping minute. He scratches it, climbs it, he loves it. The other two, hardly touch it at all. Try some cat nip, rub cat nip on it, and try playing him on the cat tree. You could also feed him there. Put his food there, or some treats, maybe that would get him more used to hanging out and associate it with a good thing. Also, you could move it. Does he have a favorite window he likes to look out? If you move it near a window, especially if it's a favorite place to look out, that might do the trick. Maybe he just doen'st like the location it is at. Check to see if an ac vent is blowing on the cat tree, one cat HATES that and will run from any spot that has a draft. Just some ideas.

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