why are my cats paws hot?

i was just holding blaze and his paws are hot. they never seemed hot before now. i was jst playing with him using a laser pointer and he was chasing it back and forth. could him runing back and forth be the cause of his hot paws? my other cat gem was chasing it too and i checked her paws and the are alittle warm but not hot like blazes. he seems fine other than his paws being hot. the cats were goin nuts play fighting with each other and i think they were getting too rough so i used the laser to get them to run a bit and wear them out which it did. and blazes it relaxin now and purring. hes not panting and doesn't seem to be haveing trouble breathing. should i be worried? its now been a bit and his paws have cooled down they are no longer hot but should i still be worried?

Asked by Blaze on May 7th 2010 Tagged cats, paws, hot, hotpaws, help in Other Health & Wellness
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Mieke, Destroyer of Worlds

He probably got a bit overheated with all the exercise. Cats normally run hotter than humans, and if the temperature of your house is like the temperature of mine without air conditioning (easily over a hundred degrees), he just got overheated. The important thing is that it's not bothering him and he's calm. If he starts showing discomfort, a little vet check is always the safest route. But I know when Mieke comes and lies down with me after a good romp with Binx, she can sometimes have warm paws as well. It appears to be the equivalent to sweaty armpits. She exercises, they get warm, she relaxes, they cool down. It never bothers her and it never affects her behavior, so I'm not worried. :)

Mieke, Destroyer of Worlds answered on 5/7/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Keep an eye on him. If he has a temperature, he should look generally sick. If you want to ge up close and personal, you can learn to take your cat's temperature, which will require an anal thermometer or one of the newer ear ones. If you watch cats when they are excited by play or whatever, their ears will turn pink (even dark cats usually have inner ear tissue that will turn pink), and so will their noses. I've never checked paw leather, but unless it is black, I would assume that it would grow pink as well. I'm not a vet, but that's what I've observed with my own cats. Do please see a vet if Blaze does not seem himself. Good luck.

Chibi answered on 5/7/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer