where can i get a furry Minskin kitten? and how much would that adorable thing cost?

Asked by Member 1110535 on May 13th 2012 Tagged minskin in Breeds
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Do you by any chance mean Munchkin kitten? Munchkins are extremely adorable with short little legs. They're rare and expensive, though. You'd have to locate a Munchkin breeder. They can be as "low" as $300 but the average price is 400-500 $, and they can be alot more. Best of luck finding your kitten! :)

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The cat breed was the brainchild of Paul McSorley, a cat breeder from Boston Massachusetts. Mr McSorley wanted to develop a cat with short legs and fur restricted to the points or extremities, much like the Siamese cat's color points.

You've gone online to search for a puppy and stumbled across a free Yorkie puppy named "Romeo." Or maybe an adorable English bull dog puppy with droopy eyes, or a free Pomerianian puppy named "Candy." It might even be a free Persian or Siberian kitten. The owners of the puppy aren't asking for any money -- except for the shipping costs.

Sometimes there's a sad story that goes along with the puppies. The puppy's owner will tell you that their daughter died, and it was her puppy, or that they are adopting an orphan and won't have time to care for the puppy.

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I raise minskin kittens. I have a calico female available born july 2nd. has had her first set of shots and comes with a health guarentee for $700.00 We are located in Piedmont SD if you need shipping I have that available at an additional cost. let me know if your interested! Thanks!

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