Whats wrong with kitty :(

My cat is 12 y/o and out of the blue almost she started acting very strangly. I've taken her to the vet he said it was an infection and dermatitis. I have given her the medicine but it seems she is only getting worse. Now for the problem. She has very swollen eyes, her energy is almost non-existant, she peed on sons bed(never happened before) and she has sores all over her body. I can't afford vet after vet visit. I personally think it is just maybe her time, My girlfriend refuses to believe this. so if anyone has experienced anything like this before. It's been slowly progressing over the past month. I'm nervous that she may infect the other animals ( 2 dogs one cat). Advice???? need more info ill provide what i can. Thank you so much

Asked by Member 1194260 on Oct 13th 2013 in Senior Pet
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