What's the best way to get my cat to adjust to a new scratching post?

I purchased a new scratching post for my cats that's just like their older one except about 4 inches taller. The other post is starting to fall apart at the top but is still useable. We put the old one down in the basement and the new one in the living room where the old one was. The cat who uses it the most has only touched the new one a couple of times! It's always been her favorite toy so I'm not sure what to do. I tried putting catnip on it and she did scratch on it a little bit but went back to ignoring it. I also went over and scratched on it myself which did peak her interest but only momentarily. I also put a toy on top which she did jump up to get but she still doesn't do her usual "pole dancing" and she's quite good! ;) Should I bring up her old one out of the basement to help transition her to the new one? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Asked by Member 958946 on Nov 13th 2012 Tagged toys in Scratching
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I think putting catnip on it would be the best way to attract your kitty to the new scratching post. I know my cat would love it! You may also try giving her a treat at the post when she shows interest. Be patient. I'm sure she'll eventually get used to her new post.

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