what would cause an 11 year old mixed coon cat to lose balance and topple? He is blind in one eye, has a broken tooth

He has been to the vet several times in 2 months. has been on antibiotics for an ear infection, was supposed to have surgery to remove the tooth and eye but could not because of a heart murmer and has lost 4 pounds in two months. the drammamine has not helped his balance, but the prednesone is helping him eat and not lose balance quite as badly. There has been no diagnosis for this problem from the vet. He can't stay on prednesone forever, he has been a happy healthy fat cat until this happened. they have done blood work, suggested a 3,000.00 MRI which is out of reach financially and then told us if they did find a tumor there would be nothing to do about it anyway, should we see another vet? can anyone tell us what is wrong with him?

Asked by Member 1145899 on Dec 19th 2012 Tagged toppling, blindness in Health & Wellness
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We really can't tell you what's wrong. Recommend seeing another vet who may have some other ideas. The ear infection might be affecting his balance, or he may have some neurological disorder.

Monster answered on 12/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer