What wet food is best for my cat with a sensitive stomach?

I am currently feeding my cat a mixture of Science Diet and Iams dry food. I feel like he should be getting more wet food in there. But whenever I try to introduce a little wet food (usually from a sachet) into his diet, his stomach gets really upset. What brands are best? Should I used canned food? Thanks in advance!

Asked by Remus on May 26th 2010 Tagged wetfood, dryfood, remus, sensitivestomach in Food & Nutrition
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Sadie/ In loving memory

I have a cat who vomits on canned food alot. I have found that if I give her Fancy Feast chicken only she does better. I have another cat who has food allergies. He got sick alot, so I took all the fish flavors away and he only gets chicken and turkey. Since then he hasn't vomitted. I don't know what wet food is best for your kitty, but maybe he has food allergies to certain flavors. I would think that Iams and Science Diet are both good foods.

Sadie/ In loving memory answered on 5/26/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I had this problem with my own cat. I only feed her Wellness Core dry food or the canned food. Both are grain free. My vet had recommended a hypoallergenic food that they sell and it was very expensive. Against her advice, I used the Wellness and my cat has been fine for over two years now. I don't give her any other food or brand. By the way, I used to feed my cat Science Diet and that cat passed away from kidney failure (during the pet food recall). She literally collapsed in her litterbox. I had just started her on the Science Diet only a few days prior to her getting ill and eventually passing away. I wouldn't feed any cat Science Diet! Maybe your cat would do better on wet food vs. dry food. Best of luck to you.

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Science Diet and IAMS both contain a lot of grain, meat by products and other things that really are not worth the price. If you are going to feed mostly dry, they are not the best choice. Wellness as suggested by the guest poster has much more wholesome ingredients. It costs a bit more but they eat less because there are less fillers. Any time you introduce new food, you need to do it slowly or there will be a tummy upset. Most of my cats do not like canned food. I have tried a lot of them and the only one that everybody would eat enough to survive without their kibble is Fancy Feast and that's got glutens and other junk in it. Natural Balance has a limited ingredient diet that comes in canned and is not terribly expensive. That might be easier on his tummy. They sell it at Petco. On another note, Remus appears to have some Persian in him. I see it in his eyes and the shape of his face. What a handsome boy! But Persians can have very sensitive tummies.

Allie answered on 5/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


I feed mine the Friskee's Turkey & Giblet Dinner (pate) only. My vet recommended it, says it is just as good if not better than the brands the vet sells, just cost half as much. Try the pate not the chucky or shredded looking kind. Mine will throw up when they eat any type that is not the pate.

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Our four don't have any issues with our throwing up, but ours like Friskies Shredded (something) and eat Wellness.

Like the other's said ScienceDiet and Iams are both grain heavy. Look at the ingrediants and you will see that there is more meat in Wellness and other brands.

Member 393929 answered on 5/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Well, my used to vomit alot, but that was because we were giving her the wrong food. If your cat is older, and is and indoor cat, i'd try giving your cat indoor foods for older cats, but if that's not the case, i'd ask a vet about it.

Daphane answered on 5/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer