What to do with a scared/aggressive cat?

I got Frida from a shelter and I believe that a former family hit or otherwise hurt her. She flinches and runs away if I move too quickly. She also bites or scratches me all the time. Sometimes it seems like it's for no reason - she isn't startled or overstimulated, she just sits next to me, then attacks me and runs away when I jump because of the pain.

Has anyone tried this or do you have any suggestions as to how I stop this behavior without making her scared or confused? I haven't ever dealt with a cat with possible psychological issues before and I'm scared of making things worse.

Asked by Member 1181012 on Jul 18th 2013 Tagged aggression, behavior, stress, fearful in Behavior & Training
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Bezalel Tiger

Whether abused, abandoned or left to fend for herself, your cat has issues. Time and patience is the best medicine. Don't force the relationship. It took six YEARS for Bezal to jump on the couch next to me, and she will try to hide when she hears any noise that she doesn't like, familiar or not. If she hurts her, say OUCH really loud to discourage the behavior. When she is nice, give her a treat like a SmartBite as a reward for good behavior- there are three flavors in the cat treat section. Make sure she has climbing posts, toys, scratchers and plenty to keep her entertained besides you... bored cats act out the most. Give this kitty a chance and thanks for rescuing!! ^_^

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