what should i do with my cat

shadowfoot jumps, well seems to jump, thunderfoot a lot
thunderfoot will hiss and growl and holler and get away and run off with shaddy in pursuit. but then a bit later the same day, i will see thundie start the interaction with shaddy and they will play and then it starts again. i have even seen thundie beat the crap out of shaddy also. is all thundie's hollering and carrying on real or just a ruse. i dont want to find a new home for shaddy, but dont want thundie in misery,, or is he????????!!!!

Asked by KING SIR THUNDERFOOT on Feb 27th 2014 in Behavior & Training
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Sounds like stressed out cats taking out their stresses on each other. I recommend looking into a cat pheromone diffuser (like Feliway )

A cat's social world is all about smell. The pheromone diffusers help to spread the pheromone smell of a happy, calm cat (don't worry it's undetectable to humans, you won't smell it.)

If you can't afford it, try taking a clean towel & rubbing it on Shadow's cheek (his scent glands) then rubbing it on Thunder's body, & vice versa. You need to get a "group scent" going between the cats, that way they feel less like rivals & more like buddies. Rub that same towel on surfaces where they fight the most. Do this for at least a month, longer if they're still roughhousing. When the cats smell alike, they stop seeing each other as foreigners & more as family ... less tension! Also make sure they have separate food & water bowls so they don't have to compete.

Bandit answered on 3/2/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer