What is the best way to warm sub-Q fluids (for chronic renal failure)?

I was just diagnosed with CRF, and my vet wants me to get 200mL of sub cutaneous fluids every day! That's an awful lot of fluid in a little cat and it's been awfully cool this summer, so that room temperature LRS fluid just isn't very nice! My parents tried warming the unopened bag in the sink and it was pain- took forever and still didn't heat up much. Tomorrow they'll have to hold the ports up out of the water and the fluid in the line will still be chilled. Does anyone use any tricks to gently warm the fluids when administering at home? We don't need them real warm, just a little closer to body temperature than room temperature! Brrrr!

Asked by Kyle on Jun 23rd 2011 Tagged subq, fluids, warming in Illness & Disease
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Hopefully you can get some help with that & other things concerning this at this link:

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I had to give my cat 100 mL of sub-Q fluids every day for 14 months. I never warmed the fluids. I just administered them at room temperature. I do, however, think that 200 mL is a large amount to give all in one shot. Better check this out again. My cat weighed 10 lbs. If you give too much, it could throw kitty's electrolytes off balance. I hope your veterinarian's office instructed you how to administer the fluids. Always use a new needle so it won't hurt your kitty, and use a different site each time you administer the fluids. The lump of fluids will go down as they are absorbed into the body. If you follow your vet's advice and give kitty a good prescription diet (Royal Cannin is a good one), your kitty can still have a good quality of life for some time. As I stated, mine lived 14 more months after starting sub-Q fluids and Royal Cannin prescription food. Best of luck to you and your kitty!

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