What is the best way to train my cat to walk on a leash?

I bought a harness and leash so that I can take Solo outside, but the few times that I've put it on him he's hated it. He either tries to get it off, tries to play with it, or just won't move. Dragging him around with it doesn't seem like it would be effective or very nice, so how do I get him used to it?

Asked by Solo on Jun 16th 2010 in Methods of Training
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Chelsea is just learning as well. She sometimes tries to walk backwards because it makes her nervous. You have to start slow. Put just the harness on him when you can supervise him indoors first so he can get used to the way it feels without the distraction of the excitement of being outside. Then try attaching the leash but not walking. Just sitting in one place and getting used to the limitations of the leash. Then try it outside but just on the deck or in the yard allowing him to lead until he seems confident enough to walk with you where you want him to go. Chelsea gets excited when she sees hers now because she knows it means she will get to go out. She will come to me to let me clip the harness on her now. Just give Solo time and be patient.

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