What is the best way to dematt a kitty who doesn't like to be combed?

Delilah is a long-haired, Maine Coon mix. She has some nasty matts on her chest area that I can't comb out. I think they'll have to be cut off. I have a Furminator, but it doesn't get the matts out. Is there a comb out there that will cut off the matts? I am reluctant to take her to a groomer because she's not above biting and clawing when she's not pleased. I also am not comfortable using scissors as I did nip her once when I was cutting out a mat on her side. But, is that the only way to remove them? Thanks and purrs!

Asked by Delilah on Feb 4th 2008 in Grooming
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Mozza (forever loved)

Poor Delilah, I bet they bother her too as she can't clean her skin under them & they could cause itching. I clipped the badly tangled mats on a friend's kitty once. Certainly not a professional job but it took care of the nasty mat.

Use a blunt or round nosed small scissors but make sure they cut well & aren't dull. If you can get someone to help you hold her still while keeping her calm, it's easier. Just snip a bit off at a time, working your way down through the clump. This way, you're not cutting too close to the skin. As you clip through the clumps, you can then gently tease the clumps loose with a soft brush or comb once the main tangle is removed.

It's slow but works. Don't try to do it all at once so less stressful for Delilah. While you stroke her, do a little at a time. Always make sure the end of the scissors is almost parallel with her body but tipped up just *slightly* away from her skin. This will make sure you never clip her skin.

Mozza (forever loved) answered on Feb 5th.

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I say through your kitty away. ;-)

I hate being groomed, mommy threatens me all the time with just dumping me out on the street and seeing how i take it.

(from mommy - horus is seriously bad. he hates HATES being held down, panics if we get near him with grooming tools... the best we've done is to catch him when he's sleeping, and do a mat or two at a time. Also, and this is hardly attractive, but it works, we gently make LONG, CLEAN cuts of hair right out of his fur, to lessen the amount of hair that can tangle. it's hardly fashionable, but it makes working with him managable.)

There are "combs" with sharp edges on the curls, that are supposedly useful for just this issue, but i've found it very useless. you might see about investing in a cheep set of clippers)

Horus answered on 2/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer