What is the average weight for an adult male british blue shorthair please?

My cat has heart problems and has had surgery.. He is a British Blue shortahair and weight 7 kilos.. I' have him on a light diet. He's only a young male cat just over a year old.. Can you give me some advice on the ideal weight and how much food he needs daily. Thanks

Asked by Member 940002 on Jan 21st 2010 Tagged dietobesitymaleadultcat in Homemade Food
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This is a question for your vet. Most of us do not have vet training. If you've bought a pedigreed cat and had surgery for your cat, you should be able to afford a vet visit that will probably take ten minutes and not cost that much. Your vet should be able to advise you on both the ideal weight and the amount of food he needs to maintain it.

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