What is an average range cost for a Egyptian Mau

Wanting to purchase a Egyptian Mau

Asked by Member 894184 on Sep 27th 2009 in Breeds
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Maus are new and rare and there are not many catteries that breed them yet. As a result, Maus cost from $1200 - 2000.

_There are not cheaper Maus_.

If you find someone selling "Maus" for under $1000, they are lying. Please do not think you have found a "deal" because someone is willing to sell you a spotted tabby for $200. You would end up with a tabby that you could have gotten at the humane society for much cheaper.

Botttomline: If you don't spend over $1000, you are not getting a Mau.

Atrus answered on 9/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer