What does that mean when a cat nibbles on your cheek?

I was laying in bed one night trying to fall asleep when my cat Secret decided to climb on the side of the bed which I was facing. Then the next thing I know she jumps to the top of the bed right beside my face and starts licking my eye ball and then starts nibbling on my right cheek. I was wondering if that is considered a kitty kiss, or if I should be worried about this type of behavior? If I should be worried about it then what should I do about it?


Asked by Member 508839 on Sep 30th 2007 in Other Behavior & Training
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Guest honored, she is grooming you! She considers you another cat, and is being affectionate. :) If you don't want her licking/biting your face, you can retrain her by repositioning her in an appropriate place and petting her.

Member 258059 answered on 9/30/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer