What do you do when your cat won't eat, play or want to be picked up

I put out her food last night about 4:30p.m. and when I got up this morning she still had quite a bit still in her bowl, so I emptied it out and gave her, her teaspoon of wet food, then her dry food, she is on a special weight loss diet given to her by our vet. She doesn't want to eat or play she just lays in her perch doing nothing I tried to pick her up she doesn't even want to be picked up. She has used the litter box so I don't think that is her problem. We have not seen the vet yet, this just started this morning.

Asked by Member 1200947 on Nov 23rd 2013 Tagged noteating, notplaying in Other Health & Wellness
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Orion Hemingway

Not eating or drinking is a very bad sign. Did you just change to this new food, or has she been eating it for awhile? If it is new, mix it with something that you know that she will eat (the over-the-counter diet cat food that she was eating before). If she won't eat the mixture, get her to a vet right away! Prescription food only works if your cat will eat it. There are three U.S. manufacturers of cat/dog prescription diets: Purina, Royal and Hill's. My cats DEFINITELY have a preference, so they get Royal dry and Purina wet for bladder stones. Almost all of the formulas have a counterpart from another brand that your cat might be willing to eat, IF not liking her food is the problem. Take her in soon and let us know what the vet says!! ^_^

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