What do you do when gland expression isnt enough?

I recently took my kitten in for a bath and gland expression as she was terribly stinky. The groomer said her glands were 'very very full'. Within a week she was back to terribly stinky. She constantly bites and licks at her bum and passes odor regularly, displaying all the signs of gland issue except for scooting. So my question is, What do you do when gland expression isn't enough?

She is on the same diet as my older cat and he has never had any issues. They both eat a protein based, grain free diet. A combination of wet & dry. We get it from a specialized feed supply store, no Meow Mix crap for these kitties.

Asked by Member 1199411 on Nov 14th 2013 Tagged glands, anal, expression in Other Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

If she is a purebreed, most have a health guarantee, so contact the breeder. If your cat did not come from a reputable breeder, this is an example of what can happen when genetic lines are not checked- inbreeding. If your cat is a regular cat, this is not common and you should take her in to the vet for an evaluation and suggestions. ^_^

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