What do I do with a cat who is attacking my guests and my youngest daughter?

My cat never attacks or hisses at me, rarely but at times hisses at my husband, ignores my oldest daughter, but my 11 year old, when she is not looking he will creep up behind her and attack her head. At times he chases her up the stairs to her bedroom to attack her until one of us get's him away from her. We had him declawed (I have heard at times this may be the cause why he bites others), but we had to because when he had claws, he was viciously attacking our guests with his teeth and claws to a point of fear in the guest and non stop bleeding. We were afraid and declawed him thinking, one less tool for him to use. He still uses his paws, but has no nails to do damage and still bites. He attacks random guests & children. We saw him attack a 1 yr old baby for standing around in the hallway. We just don't know what to do!!! The worst part we lock him up when guests are over so he doesn't hurt anyone & he will leave large smelly poo in the room and urinate on our goods! pls help

Asked by Member 846025 on Jun 14th 2009 in Cats & Kids
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My name is Caddy and I do that to anybody that I don't trust, or tries to pet me, or brush me or trim my claws. I like people and like to be around them, but sometimes they come on too strong, or want to sit on my chairs. My mom keeps a squirt bottle for guests to use if I get too close, tells them not to touch me. If that does not work, she puts me in my room with a screen door she built that fits in the door jam. I really like the screen because I can still see whats going on. and this way I don't panic and rip up the carpet trying to get out.

Caddy answered on 6/14/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Your cat has a behavioral problem. I have had slightly feral cats but never violent ones. I would guess that this is your cat's personality, and that you're going to have to live with cold as that sounds. The reaction to the guests makes sense to me, but the fact that your cat has different reactions to your family members seems problematic. First of all, keep him isolated when there are guests in the house. He obviously doesn't like that, and is expressing his displeasure by pooping and peeing when left alone. But that is certainly better than having him attack babies. Some cats are affectionate, some are not. Your cat has some "issues." Get a vet check to rule out any health problems, and, if you have the resources, you might try an animal behavioralist. It sounds like a difficult situation. Good luck, and contact us again with any more questions.

Lola answered on 6/15/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

I am not blaming your daughter, and certainly not the 1 yr. old, but cats can have that reaction not to the person, but to something they are doing. By your daughter running upstairs, she is incurring "chase the prey" in your cat. Cats are predatory creatures, and if something runs from them, they'll chase it. Equip your daughter with a metal can of coins and when she sees the cat about to attack her, have her shake it vigorously at him, and tell him "NO!". She can also spray him with a spray bottle of water. She must be very careful how she acts around him, she must be calm and quiet. Never leave a baby unattended, even toddling around, when he is in the area. As for the mess he makes when closed in a room, you can put him in a bathroom(remove towels and toilet tissue) with a litter box for the duration of guests' visits. If you know he marks your possesions, don't put him in a room where he can do that. Check with his vet for more help. There are meds available that may help him.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 6/15/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer