what carrier should I use for my two cats?

I am moving from NC to WA. I have two kittens. Midnight is 9 months old and Frosty is 6 months old. they are both quite big already. I want to make this move as comfortable as possible for them. I am looking for cat carriers that are big enough and airline approved.
I would appreciate any tips and suggestions.
TIA :)

Asked by Member 1198011 on Nov 6th 2013 Tagged carrier, airline, travel in Air Travel
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Panda Bear

You can only fly with one cat at a time, and you have to let the airline know ahead of time and pay a fee. Try to get a non-stop or ask your vet for a tranquilizer when you get your health certificate from the vet. Try Pill Pockets to give them medicine more easily, if necessary- they come in chicken and fish flavors. I only buy Sherpa cat bags because the company was created by a flight attendant and they are approved on every airline. They are more expensive that other brands of carriers, but definitely worth it. This is for in-cabin travel when they are your carry on, and only one can go with you at a time. If you are flying them as CARGO with the luggage, call the airline and ask for their recommendations before you buy anything. Happy travels and Season's greetings! ^_^

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