What can i do to make sure my cats dont fall off wall to the bottom floor?

I am buying a home that has two levels, upstairs there is about an 8' long wall 4' feet high with a 5" wood ledge and is open to the bottom floor (about 14' drop) and i am afraid my cats will fall off

Asked by DESTINY on Jan 25th 2010 Tagged catfalloffwall, catsafemyhome, catchmycatsfromfalling in Health & Wellness
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Izadore (Izzie)

We had this question a while ago and it was pretty much the general opinion of the Answerers that it's unusual for a cat to fall. But, I understand your fears. A 14' drop, if they would survive it, would mean an instant trip to the Emergency Pet Clinic or their vet. In the event that they would fall, can you put a sofa or something at the wall to provide a soft landing? If you have a large piece of furniture, such as an entertainment center, put that at the big wall. That would cut the fall in half. You can also install a large shelf as a landing pad about halfway up the wall so they wouldn't fall all 14 feet down. Good luck!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Jan 26th.

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Izzie's answer is excellent. I now have Maine Coons, who are not known for their jumping skills, but they have finally managed to get on top of bookcases, etc. My former Japanese moggies probably had Siamese genetic heritage, hence one cat jumping six feet to the top of the bookcase the day after she was spayed. However, the topic is falling, not jumping. I think your cats, no longer being kittens, would be unlikely to lose their balance and fall. To be safe, I like Izzie's idea of putting furniture where they might fall. It is a fact that cats, despite their nine lives, DO fall. One of my former cats fell from my third-floor balcony and survived with a scratch next to his eye that healed almost immediately. But cat deaths resulting from jumps from high story buildings are not that rare. I doubt that there's a problem--my childhood cat also had a similar distance between the second floor to the first floor, and there were never any falling incidents. But follow Izzie's advice.

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