What can I do about my cat with huge matted fur on her back. She won't let us groom her, never did and she's too fat to

This cat has never let us too close unless she wants it.
She is overweight and has let her fur on her back get matted and doesn't let us brush her. My only solution is getting her in the cat carrier and take her to the Vet where I'm sure they'd need to anesthetize her to shave her. Can they do the shaving without putting her out? What time of year is good to do that. She's an entirely indoor cat, but I thought Spring/Summer is a good time. Lastly, how did she get this way?

Asked by Lucy on Mar 17th 2012 in Other Grooming
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Your cat first be examined by vet. This includes a blood test for feline. Luk. Among other things. If she's okay ask your vet for a referred to a cat groomer. If everything goes okay your cat will be free of mats and the groomer will showyou how to maintain. A healthy coat on Kitty

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