What breed is my cat? Sociable, loving, blue eyes, short fur, not vocal

So i have my cat Samuel that is the best cat in the world. He is around 12 years old and still kicking it as if he was a young kitten. Always tries to get out when he can. Short fur cat, sheds in summer, Very sociable, loves everybody, including strangers. Is not Vocal whatsoever, barely meows and when he does, its very soft and occurs on a blue moon. likes to sleep (most likely cuz hes older), but loves that chance to be outside when he can. Based on the picture you see, can you guys help me identify the breed of my lovely cat? My grandma believed he was Siamese but from what i know Siamese cats are very vocal, my cat is not. Another Suggestion was a Burmese cat but i have not found many Burmese cats with the same color as my cat, nor does he have the usual greenish yellow eyes of Burmese, (my cat has blue eyes). Any help is appreciated!

Asked by Samuel on Apr 22nd 2013 in Breeds
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Angel Mew (3-15-90/3-2-09)

While most Siamese cats are vocal, like cats of all kinds, each is also an individual. Some Siamese cats are NOT vocal.

Your Samuel is clearly a purebred Seal Point Siamese. He just happens to be an individual who doesn't have as much to say as most other Siamese do!

Angel Mew (3-15-90/3-2-09) answered on 5/13/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer