What brand of canned cat food is best for adult cats/the environment?

I'd like to know which brands (if any) both have good health benefits to cats and are produced or made in a way that is sustainable and 'eco-friendly'. Thanks!

Asked by Hobbes on Feb 26th 2012 Tagged food, wetfood, cannedfood, healthy, environment, eco in Pet Food
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Panda Bear

Natural Choice is very eco friendly. The bags are printed on sustainably sourced paper and the parent company (Mars) has a commitment to global sustainability that you can check out on the website. All food is made in the US and can be sourced back directly to the supplier (no co-packers). The plants have 600+ quality checks a day like people food and the cans are grain-free. I've been feeding it for 18 years and I earned a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Studies in 2008. ^_^

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