What are the main reasons a young feral cat might have an insatiable appetite, how 2 know for sure, & what 2 do 2 fx it?

Raids every other cats food.

Asked by Member 797836 on Jun 25th 2013 in Food & Nutrition
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Without a doubt, just hunger is the first reason. The poor cat has been scrounging around for every bit of food that it takes in. Garbage cans, rodents, bugs, etc. I have heard that starvation is a top cause of death in ferals.

Also, if the cat is feral, it likely has worms, which can make them very hungry. I care for a feral and I recently gave her some roundworm meds and I have wormed her for tapeworms before too. They most def have worms if they are eating rodents. It's hard to keep a handle on that problem when they are feral, but I have heard it does help to worm them several times a year. Don't use Hartz, Sentry etc. There are now meds you can buy OTC that will work, Drontal you can buy now for tapeworms. Piperazine works for roundworms, I found a liquid med for that at target. Most likely the cat is just really hungry, and feeding it twice a day will help extend it's life, for sure. And plenty of clean fresh water, especially during the summer :)

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