♔Gordy♔ DB#20

What are some good methods for getting a kitten used to getting brushed?

Mom has been brushing me since the day she got me but I still try and play with the comb. I always bite it and grab it with my paws. When that brush comes out I think its playtime.
What can mom do to stop this?

Asked by ♔Gordy♔ DB#20 on Sep 19th 2007 in Grooming
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Gosh, I'm 12 and I still play with the brush too! When that happens Dad just uses his free hand to scratch my neck, chin, and ears while he brushes with the other one. I just loved being groomed that it gets me all purring and playful!

Atlas answered on Sep 19th.

Other Answers


Calvin ~ Knead On

Maybe she could distract you with a few Greenies while she is brushing you!

Or she could have a feather in one hand, and the brush in the other hand. Can she do two things at once? MOL!

Calvin ~ Knead On answered on 9/19/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer