what are good "lap cat" breeds? if i get a kitten can I "train" it to be a lap cat?

Asked by Member 1012184 on Nov 16th 2010 in Other Behavior & Training
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Unless you plan on buying a cat with a pedigree, or go to a breed specific rescue, I'd forget about the idea of breeds. Unlike dogs, most cats are generic, and have no breed as such. If you want a lap cat, I would recommend adopting an adult (or semi-adult) cat whose personality is already formed. Sometimes you can train cats to do what you want, sometimes you can't. A cat might be attracted to sitting on your lap if it thinks it's going to get treats, petting, or a brushing, but maybe not. I have 15 cats, and none of them are lap cats, although most of them hang around with me when I'm awake and sleep with me. As all of them are big cats, it's probably just as well. As a rule of thumb, long haired cats tend to be more laid-back than short haired ones, but that's a generalization. From what I've seen at cat shows, Persians seem to be the most laid-back. If you plan to adopt from a shelter, keep in mind that sometimes shelters give a cat a "breed" to make it easier to adopt out.

Lola answered on 11/17/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree with Leila. You really can't know which cat is going to be a lap cat. We are such independent creatures!
Check with shelters. They know their animals. They can tell you which cats are loners, which are more sociable, maybe even which are lap cats.
Check Along the left side you can type in your zip code to find shelters close to you. You can also search for certain breeds but keep in mind in many cases the shelter is taking a guess based on what breed the cat Looks like.
Good luck!

Member 201551 answered on 11/17/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer