What are good kitten chew toys?

My kitten is teething and he keeps chewing on cords around the house. He also tries to chew on my hands and feet but I'm trying to divert him to toys. I've tried catnip toys and mice toys and he just isn't interested in any of it. Can anyone recomend teething toys that he may like more?

Asked by Member 1179818 on Jul 25th 2013 Tagged teething, toys in Kittens
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Panda Bear

Petstages makes some great chew toys with deiierent colors and a green dental stick. Once the kitty is 6 months old, you can introduce him to feline Greenies dental chews, proven to reduce tartar and plaque in cats and they come in several different flavors. Until then, there's nothing better to chew on and groom than a new little friend! ^_^

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