What are end stage signs of FIP (wet)?

My cat age 4 now was diagnosed with FIP (wet) this last year was advised by 2 seperate vets that there is nothing that can be done.
that to only treat with Metroniazol 1 wk per mo that doesn't seem to help. Her food was changed to ID which she will not eat the dry
but will eat ID wet food. Have put her on Pro Plan sensitive skin & stomach which she seems to like. I keep her comfortable with cushy
comfy pet pillows that I constantly clean in washer due to such severe chronic diarrhea today l noticed on the floor that the watery diarrhea
has blood in it Is this a sign of end stage FIP? I don't want to euthanize unless absolutely necessary but I feel she is suffering & cant
be selfish in not wanting to let her go

Asked by Member 1198381 on Nov 8th 2013 Tagged fip, end, stage, signs, symptoms in Other Health & Wellness
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