Weaning please help!

I have 6 week old kittens to a first time young mum. I have been trying to wean from 4 weeks at the vets suggestion but we are having no luck at all. I have tried all kinds of different foods, blended or just mushed, with kitten formula or with water and just plain kitten formula. I have put some on their feet and mouths and placed them near the bowl and plate but they just walk away and cry for mum. They are draining poor mum dry and she is walking around with kittens hanging off her teats. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Asked by Member 1176231 on Jun 20th 2013 in Food & Nutrition
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I use a homemade formula of 1/2 vanilla yogurt, 1/4 Milnot or evaporated milk, 1/4 water, and a tablespoon of Karo syrup for baby animals. I would mix this formula with some very tasty strong smelling canned food such as tuna flavor until its the consistency of thick soup. Then gently dip each kittens nose in the mixture so they get a little on their nose and have to lick it off and taste it. This will often start them eating.

A lot of times mother cats don't wean kittens until they are 7 or 8 weeks old and some cats will even let older kittens and her grown kittens nurse from her for comfort.

Clipping the kittens front claws will make nursing much more comfortable for the mother cat. Make sure she has plenty of food and water. I would free choice feed her dry food and let her eat as much as she wants.

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